A Survey On Women Defence System For Detecting Interpersonal Crimes

  • A.Rhagini, Dr.S.Thilagamani


Women plays a vital role in all of ours day to day life. We are in this world only because of women, who gave birth to us. We are living with them in our lifetime. It is our responsibility to keep woman safe and secure but due to many issues they are feeling insecure and dependent on others for each and every work.  For ensuring the security and safety of women there are several systems available but still women are facing many problems in there security purposes. Smart security system for women has be implemented to provide more security. A survey on various women security related researches are made to design the model for location tracking, alert message and evidence collection. For tracking the location of the women the GPS is used in various systems and GSM in turn send the alerts or emergency call for the contacts that are registered already in the system who are using the system. A web camera is placed to capture image and shared to the registered contact number through e-mail services as evidence.

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