Utilization of Burned Sewage Waste for Road Construction

  • Nitin Arora, Harpreet Singh


The by-products from Sewage Treatment Plants (“STPs”)generated is the large amounts of sludge which containsextremelyharmful componentswhich can affect the environment. This paper examines and explores the feasibility of using by weight 15% of burnt sewage sludge in soil subgrade. Earlier also many attempts have been made to stabilization of subgrade course of pavementand that was achieved by the using various additives such as cement, lime, emulsions etc. The main purposeof putting such additives in use was to find out on reckoning the strength characteristic of the soil that is modified by using additives. Test samples have been prepared with various burntSludge-soil mixtures with diverse contents (0, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15%) and thereafter various tests like Standard Proctor, Direct Shearand UCS (Unconfined Compression)are conducted to assess the optimum additive soil mix content Pursuant to the above tests conducted, it has been derived that burnt sludge is suitable and has the potential to be utilized in the subgrade course ofpavements.

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