A Review on Advance Nano-Materials for Heavy Metal Removal

  • Brij Kishor


The importance of nanomaterials in water purification provides a clear way for nanoparticle synthesis, benefits and its use in clean up of the environment and in water and wastewater treatment facilities.Nanoparticles represent a promising new technology for heavy metal removal, not only because of their high treatment efficiency, but also for their cost effectiveness, as these can be used In-situ and Ex-situ environment both.Nanomaterials such carbon nanotubes (CNTs) silver nanoparticles and TiO2 nanoparticlesare efficient and strong sorbent for removal of metallic contaminants.Thenanocomposite membranes and filterswere also proved to be strong adsorbent for sorption of metallic contaminants.The latest findings on environmental utility and transport of nanomaterialwere also investigated.The latest methods for determining environmentalutility and transport of nanomaterialare discussed in detail;these nanomaterials are such as magnetic nanoparticles and graphene-based nanocomposites.

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