A Performance Analysis Of Microgrid Solar Photovoltaic System

  • Abdul Karim Barna, Inderpreet Kaur


Photovoltaics system need always new technology that improve the power quality of the system. Here in this paper use the new technology i.e. improve the control strategy for the photovoltaics system and connected with the grid. Because in transmission line connected with grid is difficult and complex task. Solar PV system connected with solar radiation whose nonlinear quantity. MPPT techniques one of the best techniques to control the photovoltaics system. Solar PV system implementing MPPT techniques to improve the quality of the system. Here, main part of the MPPT present and incremental conductance is one of the best techniques and new technique whose implement in the system. Consider system in proposed paper MPPT, boost converter, voltage source inverter, three phase filter, distribution system, load, grid and control system etc. Here to purpose to simulate the system is obtained the V-P curve and V-I curve characteristic under different irradiations and temperature and to analysis the dynamic behavior of the system. To improve the power quality of the system and total harmonic of the system in transmission line of the PV system who is connected with the micro grid.

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