Wireless Sensor Networks Protocols Of Clock Synchronization- A Survey

  • Dr.K.Sumathi,S.Soundarya


In Wireless Sensor Networks, monitoring mechanism is achieved by the sensors. It records the conditions of the atmosphere and coordinates the data to the main locations. A WSN system incorporates the gateways that establish wireless connection to the wired and distributed systems. The Wireless Sensor Networks are much more important in many fields such as maintaining smart cities like surveillance, tracking and aggregating the data. Clock synchronization is one of the major threats which have to be taken in importance that is occurring in Wireless Sensor networks. The clock synchronization aims in adjusting the local time of all the nodes in the network. Synchronization is coordinating a process to perform into a system. Synchronization is achieved in ad-hoc wireless networks by transferring the synchronization message information. Then each of the nodes synchronizes gradually with the node that is the instantaneous dispatcher of a harmonization message. In this paper, we have survived about the clock synchronization in focusing with clocks of wireless networks. The classifications of different time synchronization protocol were analysed with various clock parameters.

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