Exploring Methods To Improve Self-Care Awareness Among The Elderly

  • Warangkhana Ngakoopatipat, Uthai Tanlamai and Sipat Triukose


The design of a Personal Health Record (PHR) system is needed so that the elderly can use it to pursue self-care and health promotion effectively. This study presents an exploratory study to investigate the composition of the PHR platform to promote health behavior among the elderly. A semi-structured interview was conducted with eight experts in health-related and five elderly people. The interview results were input to develop a user persona, needs, painpoints, tasks, and behavior before the design of the platform which consisted of an Android-smartphone application, and the system was developed based on BJ Fogg’s persuasive technology design and the use of health informatics to maximize potential engagement. The target group was Thai senior citizens. The study used an embedded questionnaire to access a sample profile before attending the self-recording program for fourteen days. The end of the program, a technology and innovation acceptance questionnaire was used. The results illustrated the persuasive features extracted and the program contributed toward improved health recording action and the persuasive recommendations. Fifteen volunteers were purposefully selected. The results showed the majority participants were senior women who demonstrated the Armored-defended personality and experienced a high level of nostalgia. Participants identified no difficulties in using the application. The elderly with different personality patterns of aging and coordinators in data collection did not differ significantly in their recording behavior. The main participants’ experience of using the application was related to an increased awareness of their health information. The PHR platform can complement current elderly care pathways to support self-care awareness and behaviour.

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