Construction and Standardization of a Family Environment Scale

  • Mrs. Mamoni Hazarika, Dr. Mukut Hazarika


Family environment is dependent on various factors like- facilities available, cohesion in the family, expressiveness of its members, conflict, acceptance and caring among the members, means of reaction, parental personality, administrative and supervisory policies at home, humanistic relation and democratic relation or discipline among the family members etc. This Family Environment Scale is based on the Family Environment Scale (Bhatia & Chadha -2012) and the other Home Environment Scale which was developed by Akhtar & Saxena (2013).These two scales have given the way to the researcher to find out the various dimensions of a family. The social and environmental characteristics of families have measured by this scale. The main objective of the present study was to construct a Family Environment Scale including eight dimensions to measure the Family Environment of the college students. It is very important to ensure validity and reliability of the scale. The draft scale was administered on a sample of 120 students for item analysis. The scale was prepared in two versions – in English and Assamese languages. This Scale includes 64 statements. The Concurrent Validity of the Scale was estimated by correlating the set of scores with that obtained from administering the Family Environment Scale developed by Bhatia & Chadha (2012) and was found to be .66. The split-half reliabilities of Assamese and English versions of the scale were found to be .86 and .88 respectively.

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