Category "working hours" in assessing the effectiveness of a university teacher

  • Vladimir Lugovsky, Marina Koch, Larisa Surzhenko


A factor in the development of an innovative economy and production is science, human capital, and, above all, its intellectual component. The integration of education, science, and industry is designed to ensure the process of structural changes in modern universities, including the formation of relations "teacher – university" based on the principles of an effective contract. The article considers the main approaches to the definition of the phenomenon of "efficiency of professional activity", defines the function of the category "working hours" in an effective teacher contract. Using the method of moment observations, the structure of working hours of teachers of a higher education institution, including educational and scientific activities, is determined. The facts are given that testify to the need to take into account the teaching load of the teacher in the process of determining the effectiveness of their activities, and recommendations are provided on the implementation of the proposed approach.

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