A Critical Literature on Auto Repair Behaviour of Bio Concrete

  • Anikait Gupta, Sanjeev Naval


In Concrete Structures, micro cracks have been commonly seen. In moist environment, it has been observed that strength of concrete structures have been reduced due to entry of chemicals through small pores as it results in reduced permeability. Restricting the cracks at the initial stage is much advisable instead of repairing these cracks at later stage when the cracks size increased. Traditionally, there are a lot of methods so that cracks have been restored but it has been seen in the latest research that repairing these cracks biologically is very much effective and eco friendly as well. By using bio concrete, the strength of the concrete increases as it produces calcium carbonate when cracks appear that helps in repairing the structure automatically and thus, it improves the durability of the structure. Many researchers trying their efforts to overcome the cost of the bio concrete so that it can be used on industrial scale as bio concrete has so many positive aspects.

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