Functions of a Mentor in University Academic Groups

  • Khushnud Sapaev, Shukhrat Umarov,Dilmurod Rakhmatov


The article discusses the importance of curatorial work with students and educational activities in high school. Currently, the priority purpose of the education system is the formation of a personality that is socially and professionally competent, capable of creative search, accurate determination of its location in an ever-changing world that is responsible and creative. Named the functions and responsibilities of the curators of student groups. Yesterday’s school graduates become students and plunge headlong into the new environment of communication, educational process, leisure, living conditions, etc. Abrupt change of the school bench to lecture audiences, set new, seemingly impossible tasks - everything disorients the first-year student. In connection with the change of priorities in the tasks of university education of students in the conditions of modern universities, optimal conditions are created for the self-realization and self-development of the students' personality, the university of curator is being revived. It can be concluded that supervisors take their duties quite seriously, emphasize the importance of their work, consider it necessary for students, especially for first-year students, while we note the lack of a variety of forms and areas of work used by supervisors of student groups. 

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