Technical Solutions for the Neurodegenerative Community - A Survey

  • Rajendra C J, Suresh D S


Human emotion plays an important role in life. It is a complex and psycho physiological state of mind which can be expressed as constructive or unconstructive reactions to external and internal neurological stimuli. Typical communication channels that indicate emotional behaviours are identified as facial expressions, voice and written communication. Communication through eye tracking is one of the alternative ways of giving disabled patients to interact with the outside world. Electroencephalography  is one of the most commonly used technique in emotion detection, as it is found that the signal measured from the central nervous system has a proximal relationship between physiological changes and emotions. Facial expression is another mode that could be used for emotion recognition using gestures or external physiological signals. In the information technology era, patients with behavioural disorders who have quarantined from the society and not yet received a fair chance like normal countrymen, this review article summarizes the various solutions to improve the quality of life by using different techniques and Machine learning Processes.

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