Design and Implementation of IoT Based Smart Meter

  • Bhavana.S, Kasu Ramya, Kusuma.P.B, Ramya Priya V.V, Vinay.N.A


In our daily life style, electricity has become the most primary requirement. In the present situation a person to be appointed by the department of electricity board to visit the houses of the users and collect the readings of used units of energy and its respective amount with the help of a meter reader. The problem in this could be because of the error in meter reader. Perhaps, it needs a human to operate the meter reader but this takes more time. A solution to the aforementioned problem is Automatic Billing System, using Smart Meter. In the proposed methodology, an Automatic Billing System is designed by using Node Microcontroller Unit (MCU) it has built in wi-fi module and algorithm is developed based on its architecture and real time data is stored in cloud. This database is available at both the ends i.e, at user side as well as the billing side. After generating the bill, the data stored in cloud and Blynk App is used to fetch the records of the energy units consumed based on daily basis. The data which is transmitted and received has network security. Here IOT plays the major role as the smart meter implements IOT. This paper tells us about the best way of energy management.

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Bhavana.S, Kasu Ramya, Kusuma.P.B, Ramya Priya V.V, Vinay.N.A. (2020). Design and Implementation of IoT Based Smart Meter. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(10s), 4127-4133. Retrieved from