Problems of congruence of theory and practice in engineering design

  • Karimov B.T.


This article describes the relevance of consistency of the theory and practice of machine design in the organization of educational process in the subject "Machine parts", which plays an important role in the training of highly skilled and competitive personnel in the field of mechanical engineering. The educational process of students studying in the direction of academic degree of bachelor and their effectiveness in the process of designing machines are studied, the encountered problems are defined, on the basis of searching the ways to prevent certain problems, the literary review is carried out. As a result of the study and analysis it was determined that the theoretical and practical literature used by students in the learning process is not fully consistent with the theory and practice. It is shown that this is one of the most important factors of students' difficulties in designing machines and specific ways to prevent these shortcomings are recommended. At the same time, the article also emphasizes the importance of creating new educational literature with innovative approach on the basis of new pedagogical technologies, ensuring high efficiency in the development of mechanical engineering, improving the efficiency and quality of design, the definition of quality indicators of machines by calculation, as well as in the training of highly skilled designers with high professional fittings and ideological and political maturity.

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