Jewish Minority in North Sulawesi, Indonesia: An Inquiry on Social Acceptance

  • Sekar Ayu Aryani, Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras


The historical prejudice and Israeli-Palestinian conflict created a negative stereotyping of Jews in Indonesian public mind regardless their micro-minority condition. The present undertaking is focusing on Jewish minority group in North Sulawesi province of Indonesia and their social acceptance among the majority Christians and Muslims. It was a qualitative research, framed within social psychological approach employed several methods of data collection, including interviews, observation and documentation. The interviews conducted among Christians and Muslims figures in North Sulawesi, and the representations of Jewish community. Beyond theological inquiry, the research might contribute to deeper understanding of social interaction among the three communities, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, popularly known as Abrahamic religions. Furthermore, it may provide a baseline for further meaningful interreligious cooperation in North Sulawesi. The outcome of the research indicated the higher social acceptance to the community, though limited to the recognition and tolerance upon their existence. A more meaningful interaction, such as interreligious dialogue and cooperation with Jewish community is yet to come to fore. The research also found that for some Christians, their acceptance to the Jewish community aligned with their sympathetic outlook toward the State of Israel.

 Keywords: social acceptance, Indonesian Jews, North Sulawesi.

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