A Theoretical Review on Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques for Data Analysis

  • K. Sai Prasad, Dr. S Pasupathy


Data mining techniques play pivotal role in garnering business intelligence required by enterprises. In the contemporary era, due to bulk of data being maintained, it is not possible to have manual inspection of data and understand its utility or patterns. Therefore, data mining or machine learning techniques can help in understanding the hidden knowledge in the data. In fact, data mining is best used to generate patterns or trends that were not known earlier. There are many algorithms came into existence and they categorized into supervised and unsupervised learning methods. It is important to have good idea on data mining and its supported methods and measures of similarity and so on. Therefore, this paper reviews some important literature to ascertain and comprehend about data mining and its techniques. This paper throws light into the fundamentals of data mining and also reviews state of the art to some extent. Recent study predicts that data mining has much more applications in many unseen areas where we have voluminous amount of data and needs efficient algorithms to improve prediction accuracy.

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