Employees Performance Appraisal Practices in Indian Industries

  • SC Vetrivel , V. Krishnamoorthy


Performance appraisal is one of the important to the integral part of human resource management. The majority of organizations are competing to survive in this volatile market environment Performances of the employees are essential for organization to achieve its goals. Inappropriately performed appraisal can leads to employee dissatisfaction and decline in performance. The focus of this study is to empirically examine the effects of performance appraisal on job satisfaction which is used for evaluating individual employee performance in papers and boards private limited. The survey was done in order to obtain information regarding the existing appraisal system in company, the criteria being used in the appraisal systems to evaluate the employee, employee’s level of satisfaction, training system and feedback methods, and appraiser – appraise relationship, creditability of appraiser as well as pay for performance variables. Thus, the result of the study is show the existing performance appraisal is dissatisfied by the employee. It shows negative impact in the employee performance. The suggestion is provided based on the finding and analysis.

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