Endpoint Cyber Security Solutions For - Indian Banking Systems

  • Vaishnavi Moorthy, Animesh Chittora, Anirudh Banerjee


In omnipresent big network frameworks (or architecture) security threats, data redundancy, slow network access etc. are usual problems specially in banking sectors. Presently, all the banks in India are maintaining distributed architectures of their different respective data centres[6]. This framework results in many problems like - high cost of software licensing, poor remote access, high data redundancy, etc. All these troubles lead to many hardships for the endpoint of the architecture.Endpoints are the last nodes for the network topology in a system architecture. In the banking sector online clients’ nodes are the endpoints. These endpoints leverage online net banking transactions that must be protected from all sorts of cyber-attacks and threats[7].This research report aims to design a hybrid virtual architecture that will not only solve this issue but also create a specialized DR (Disaster Recovery) that deracinate “Server chain breakdown effect (or attack)” i.e. one of the orthodox method of load balancing in distributed networks.In addition, the report leverages to build an algorithm to deplete the vulnerabilities of APT (Advanced persistent threats).

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