Reliability Anlaysis of Autism spectrum disorder in Amygdala domain using Asperger's syndrome

  • R. Lalitha, Dr. J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi


Autism spectrum disorder is a mental disorder that is found Children. The main cause and symptoms of this cause are Asperger's Syndrome and are being investigated in this area. Many medical techniques such as fMRI scans and DSM-V Used to identify gestures. A renowned and trusted technology, simultaneously, benefits from Autism. Previous research paper  the frequency, this feature is cached using Amygdala domain properties and domain properties over time are acquired Usage of these features provided as input sushisen algorithm using  Drosophila and CNN classification results were compared get  the best rating for the system time domain. Subspace accuracy gave the highest accuracy using 94.46% and Sensitivity 96.52%. Frequency domain provided the second best 94.88% results using CNN rating.  Because of the popularity of spending and spending time. Although ASA This analysis is not well known because the micro-voltages of the signal contain small portions and high volumes. This paper, research is being done to promote noise of  Asperger's Syndrome . Autism is being tested using supported software datasets were obtained for 20 general patients from UCI and 10 autistic patients from NIAK 2020.The dataset was already processed using FIR and HH filters. This FIR filter used higher order FIR but physically it was hard to feel filter Butterworth, Chebyshev, and Elliptic filters provided the best can be used to implement results and hardware. Time and frequency domain features extraction. This may be because the frequency is lower than the domain with the increasing number of utilities. The test was made dataset can perform the same procedure in real time determine accuracy using fMRI scans System. The results can be further improved new algorithms implementation well-known HFA technique using improved reliability 96.33% better results.

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