Individual Factors and Internship Satisfaction of Hotel Management Graduates

  • Ravish Kukreti, Dr. Rakesh Dani


Internship in area  of hotel management course  are important part of any academic curriculum  as it provides students with the  knowledge related to the practical aspects in a supervised form. Various reputed brand hotels recruit trainees to train them from their organization. Internship for the hotel management students acts as a bridge where the students can transfer their knowledge gained from the classes into the practical aspect by the form of experimental learning. Industrial training is beneficial for both the students as well as hotel as it helps student to gain practical knowledge and simultaneously help hotel to identify the prospective employees .Various factors contribute to the success of industrial training program out of which the individual factor is one of the crucial key area, various individual factors such as Self initiative ,Right attitude  along with Academic knowledge are very essential for the successful completion of the industrial training program.

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