Energy Efficient Routing Technique for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Syed Abdul Basit Andrabi , Manoj Kumar


Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks plays a vital role in underwater explorations, detecting environmental pollution and disaster prevention .In this research paper we have proposed the approach to enhance energy efficiency of Depth Based Routing Protocol (DBR). Clustered depth based routing approach (CDBR) is proposed in this paper. In the proposed approach, the network is partitioned into different group of clusters and the cluster head is selected based on the maximum energy. The nodes present inside the cluster sense the phenomena and forward data to the respective cluster head, while the cluster head forwards the collected data to the surface nodes. The clustering is performed by using well known clustering algorithm called K-means, which is based on Euclidean distance. The clusters are chosen at different levels from the surface. Performance of the proposed approach through extensive simulation results demonstrates less energy consumption and better packet delivery ratio.

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