A Comparative study of Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing pertaining to Green Products and its Role in CSR

  • Ekta Rastogi, Prof. M.S. Khan, Dr. Doa Naqvi, Mukhtar Ahmad, Firdaus Jahan


This paper envisages concerning the client of on-line market however they'll get inexperienced product and the way they'll build call whereas getting a inexperienced product. Eco-friendly products are welcoming by customers United Nations agency area unit environmentally accountable. The factors which are promoting 4 P’s  product, price, place and promotion that area unit a lot of regarding on commerce the eco friendly product through on-line promotion. The aim is to work out what factors influence intention and get behavior of inexperienced product through on-line and offline among Generation Y shoppers. The elements that are below investigated during the analysis is environmental awareness social influence and worth. The target of this paper is to visualize however shopper can build its inexperienced purchase call and behavior toward inexperienced product through on-line promoting and offline promoting and to seek out the importance and role in CSR with special regard to inexperienced product through on-line promoting and ancient promoting. Shoppers have become a lot of acutely aware and thirsty of buying eco- friendly product i.e. inexperienced product. This study is an endeavor to analyze shopper’s perception and get intention towards inexperienced product among kids in Republic of India. Here I might ascertain that what impact lies on on-line promoting and ancient promoting of inexperienced product. Approach: form was used for this paper. The sample was of 142 respondents’ male and female each inside the age of 18-35. Sample was collected from the professional students of from BBAU (A Central University) Lucknow. Sensible implications: These results are serving to for the social control implications. Industries will use this for future ways and find skills concerning the client intention to shop for inexperienced product. Folk area unit a lot of privy to inexperienced product and additionally think about it whereas creating searching on-line. Majority of the shopper’s area unit able to pay a lot of costs than the costs of non-green product. Thus, researchers conclude that the shoppers doesn't have setting concern solely, however even have positive and high intentions to shop for inexperienced product. Inexperienced promoting is that the best answer to the numerous issues that area unit being created because of mad rush of production and distribution. This paper tries to seek out the simplest potential association and importance of inexperienced promoting and its comparison with ancient promoting. The result of the paper suggests that inexperienced promoting is safer than the standard kind of promoting. The impact of perspective on shopping for behavior was additionally positive; therefore shoppers with positive attitudes towards inexperienced product area unit a lot of possible to get inexperienced product. Further, the findings suggested that there is a distinction between males and females with noticed to purchasing behavior of inexperienced. The epitome of the study can offer shoppers easy to perceive however they will get influenced by Generation Y’s perspective and shopping for behavior next to inexperienced product whereas getting on-line and offline product. The results of the paper any suggests that the adoption of inexperienced promoting are a significant boost not solely to the manufactures however at the same time facilitate the society.

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Ekta Rastogi, Prof. M.S. Khan, Dr. Doa Naqvi, Mukhtar Ahmad, Firdaus Jahan. (2020). A Comparative study of Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing pertaining to Green Products and its Role in CSR. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(11s), 815 - 823. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/20110