An Analyzing of Student Teachers Classroom Observation

  • Yutthapong Chanapunth, Narumon Changsri, Maitree Inprasitha


This research aimed to analyze student teachers classroom observation. The target group consisted of 6 student teachers consisting of 3 student teachers in Mathematics Education and 3 student teachers in Science Education, during 2019. By using qualitative research methods under the teaching practice context in schools; using Lesson Study and Open Approach. The tools used for data collection were the lesson plan, voice recorder, and video cameras. The data analysis is a content analysis was under the framework of the classroom observation guidelines [1] in the context of the classroom using Lesson Study by analyzing from the document, planning the lesson video, discussing the video. Including a semi-structured interview about class observation. The results of the research were as follows: 1) The student teachers have collected data on evidence of students’ ideas, including events that occurred in the class by handwritten notes only.

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