Clearing of Lined Canals of Sediment and Biofouling

  • Aidos Zhakashov, Talgat Imanaliyev, Orazkhan Karlykhanov, Marina Li, Nurlan Bakbergenov, Balgerei Maksut


The relevance: Resource-saving in economic sectors is the most important task nowadays. One of the areas of resource-saving is an all-round saving of water resources, which is an obligatory component of industrial activities in practically any branch of the economy. The main aim: The task is to reduce water consumption per unit of production, reduce the negative impact on the natural environment, obtain economic profit, and ensure balanced and sustainable development of the economy's sectors. The problem of water saving in areas with poor water resources is real and urgent. Kazakhstan, with its large territory, possesses relatively small water resources, which in the foreseeable future may constrain the development of economic sectors. The most water-consuming sector of the economy is agriculture, namely irrigated farming, and it requires a quite high quality of water. Water consumption in this sector accounts for 75% of total water consumption. Methods: An important feature of irrigated agriculture in the current period of its development is the low efficiency of irrigation networks. The most cardinal and common way to reduce water losses in irrigation canals is the lining of the bed of the canal with hard material. Methods of cleaning canals including lined ones are mechanical, chemical, biological, thermal and structural. The mechanical method is the most widespread. However, this method in the majority is inefficient, power-consuming, though it has a number of advantages. This method is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Results: Considering factors of a modern condition of a problem of clearing of concrete canals of water plants, our research has been directed basically, to the perfection of a mechanical method. As a result of our research and studies, we have developed a unit that mainly meets the requirements.

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Aidos Zhakashov, Talgat Imanaliyev, Orazkhan Karlykhanov, Marina Li, Nurlan Bakbergenov, Balgerei Maksut. (2020). Clearing of Lined Canals of Sediment and Biofouling. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(11s), 122 - 128. Retrieved from