The Social Justice Aspect in Indonesia's Corporate Social Responsibility Provisions

  • Nathan M. Siahaan, Lego Karjoko, Hari Purwadi


The aspect of social justice in the business world is an important concern because it is related to putting everything in its place or it can also be said as harmony between the portion and placement of things in its place. Justice will create a balanced situation, not one-sided or impartial. Justice will continue to be pursued in accordance with the objectives to be achieved in the life of a nation and state, and it is expected that achieving this will give positive impacts on Indonesia and its people. In realizing social justice, companies can use the means of Corporate Social Responsibility as regulated in the applicable laws and regulations. Realizingthe aspects of social justice in CSRimplementation can be done with Community Developmentconcept,namely inviting and embracing the community to work together and participate fully in the development of society through CSR programs. The mandatory Indonesian CSR legal policy model with sanctions in this regard is appropriate.Paradigmatic changesare needed in regard to the Human Rights Law which stipulates companies as the bearers of the obligations to enforce ecosob right which is a strong supporting factor to the legal policy model of Indonesian CSR. Indonesia is a sovereign country that has the authority to set its CSR legal policy models to adapt to the situation, conditions, and culture of the people in Indonesia that are not conduciveyet to the application ofnormative norms.

 Keywords: Social Justice, Corporate Social Responsibility

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