Ping Flood Attack Detection via Wireshark

  • Konika Abid, Ashima


Ping flood is one of the Denial of Service (DoS)attack in this an attacker tries to send various ping request in loop .Generally, this attack is also called (PoD) where  full  form of PoD is Ping of Death. During this the victim’s system is attacked with ICMP packets, these packets are generally send from one system to other to check the connectivity. To check connectivity ICMP ECHO REQUENT packet is sent and ICMP ECHO REPLY packet is received but during this attack these packets are sent rapidly via sender without waiting for replies to disturb the network. So here we will capture these packets via a packet analyzer (Wireshark) and try to study these packets and on that basis we could find that whether ping attack is performed or not and also the source of this attack.

Keywords: DoS, ICMP, Ping, Wireshark, Packet analyzer

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