Survey on Network Coding for Energy Proficient Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Vargil Vijay E, Dr. K. Aparna


On the planet, the multiplication of brilliant things associated with the Internet is similarly all through wrinkling. The loT draws in the joint effort to be offered between the articles or applications and the backend structures through the Internet. To achieve these advantages, massive arrangement cost decrease, Industrial Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (IWSAN) present another degree of mechanical availability. Remote association of sensors and actuators in new conditions not just empowers remote checking and activation; it additionally empowers coordination of creation stages, portable interfacing robots, and efficient vehicle vehicles, only as restriction and following of benefits. In wireless sensor networks, as there are numerous nodes collect massive data, and it is transmitted via multiple paths to the destination, the reliability of this data transmission and reception can be improved by the efficient network coding mechanisms. In this paper, a survey on various network coding schemes has been presented.

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