Agriculture Resources for Plant-Leaf Disease Using Deep Learning Techniques

  • Dr. K S Balamurugan


Agriculture is a vital source for food. Agriculture gives village people large-scale job opportunities in developing countries like India. Use a camera to capture images as a basis for identifying many forms of plant diseases, the new developments in computer vision introduced by deep learning have paved the path for how to identify and diagnose plant diseases. This research provides an important method to identify various diseases in different varieties of plants. The device was built to detect and identify many varieties of plants specifically apples, corn, grapes, potatoes, sugar cane and tomatoes. The machine can detect a variety of plant diseases, too.With 25,000 photographs of sound plant leaves and illness contaminated, the specialists had the option to prepare profound learning models to recognize and distinguish plant sicknesses and the nonattendance of ailments. The prepared model accomplished an exactness pace of 95.3 percent and the gadget had the option to record up to 100 percent precision in recognizing and distinguishing the assortment of plants and the kind of illnesses tainted by the plant.

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