Plan of Beach Wastage Cleaning Machine utilizing IoT

  • Pettari Shanmugam Reddy, Dr. P. Kalyanasundaram


Now a days Ocean cleaning is very difficult  so we improved our development to clean the ocean or any water bodies normally using sharp advancement with the help of center point MCU and IOT organize. Plastics are a designed normal polymer that has been around only for somewhat more than a century. Its characteristics of delicacy, strength, quality, for the most part insignificant exertion of creation, and flexibility of usage have added to its entering all pieces of customary day by day presence. In the wake of interfacing we can control the boat with joystick device that is available in Bylnk application. Later with the help of transport all the decline are accumulated subsequently and kept to the garbage that is mounted on the watercraft. Furthermore, this whole technique is done remotely with the help of IOT development.

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