Breast Malignant Growth Identification Utilizing Machine Learning Algorithm

  • M. Udaya Bhanu, Dr. P. Kalyanasundaram


    Due to the abnormal growth of breast cells the cancer disease will occur.  These cancer cells are split abnormally than the healthy cells.  The abnormal cells are accumulated and form a mass or lump on the breast.  The major reason behind this disease is environment pollution and current life style of people.  Development of Communication technology is increased day by day.  Various computing technologies are used to detect the diseases in human organs.  Machine learning algorithms are used to identify the diseases in earlier stages.  Development of prediction model is the important stage of diagnostic various diseases.  Machine learning methods are used to provide better framework to detect diseases by using classifiers.  These classifiers show the severity level of the tumors. Performance evaluation is important in machine learning algorithms.  This paper describes about to predict breast cancer disease using supervised learning method. PCA(Principle Component Analysis) concept was used to preprocess the data and extract the features by using decision trees.  Here CART and C4.5 algorithms are used to classify the data and implemented by using python programming language.  Finally the performance analysis is done in this proposed method.

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