Self Driving Car using Raspberry pi

  • B. Sivakumar, Anany Chitranshi, Suyash Srivastava


    The objective of this project is to facilitate the process of driving a car by automating it. The result of this project will surely reduce the number of car accidents happening these days. The idea is to create an autonomous vehicle(a hybrid model of Level two and three) that uses only some sensors(collision detectors, temperature detectors etc.) and camera module to travel between destinations with minimal/no human intervention. The car contains a trained Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) which will predict all the parameters that are required for smoothly driving a car. They are directly connected to the main steering mechanism and the output of the deep learning model will determine the steering angle of the vehicle.

Many algorithms like Lane Detection, Object Detection are used in tandem to provide the necessary functionalities in the car

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