Smart Shopping with Auto-Billing using RFID

  • SahayaSakila.V, ArilaVamsi Krishna, HariPrasad.M, SaiNithish.M


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is afuturistic technology which communicates thedatain theradio frequency’s range at much higher speeds when compared to existing technology. ObservableFrequency Communication (OFC) using directedFrequency Detector (FD) is a high standard technology for thefollowinggeneration, inbriefit useshigh-speedinformation for communication of data. In existingerrands system there are numerouscomplications. Wesuggest a working prototypical design system for shopping with programmedmerchandiserecognitionalong with auto billingvia the assistance of RFID.Sumof the items purchased is administered by e-banking or coin payment.The billstructure will confirm the list of productsthen the payment process will be finalized by the person.  An alternative original product which is recognized by the civilization is the one that brings serenity, satisfaction with assistances and consistency in day to day life of thepublic. Advanced shopping is an aiding structure to assist a person in everyday shopping by relating some computerization in regularly practiced process. This will benefit the person in everyday shopping by abating the time required.The main intention is to present a vigorous technology with low-cost, high efficiency and easily adaptable system for making the procedure of shopping effortless. The main focus on this development to present automatic billing is to evade the queues in supermarkets and malls.

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