Detection of Fake Images using Convolution Neural Network

  • Abirami R, Arjun R, A I Alai


Image manipulation is one of the emerging technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In day to day life huge amounts of images are created and transferred across  devices. Nowadays it is widely used for many illegal purpose.Tampering of images results in the circulation of fake images over the web and the social media. There are many image editing softwares available on the internet which causes falsehood messages.Image colorization is also one of the advanced techniques of image manipulation. Convolution Neural Network provides better accuracy than any other model. In this work we propose a convolution neural network based model which is trained with image datasets. Our model mainly focuses on the detection of facial manipulated images because it has adverse effects directly on the individuals.The results produced by this model helps in identifying the tampered images and false images that are published in the social media and internet.

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