From Demonetization to Digitisation: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Ashutosh D. Gaur, Jasmin Padiya


This paper studies the most extreme monetary experiments in recent history to have occurred
anywhere in the world- the demonetization of supposed ‘high-value notes in India on 8th November
2016. Demonetisation moves ostensibly directed towards the eradication of ‘black money’ and
corruption did not have the intended results. However, it had a massive effect in terms of immediate
distress, disruption of the economy. The Imputes of demonetization is on the cashless economy with
significant. This paper aims to review the demonetization in India. To the analysis of digitalisation
step to the cashless movement of Indian economy. This a conceptual article showcasing opportunities
and challenges from demonetisation to digitisation policy.

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