Transforming Human Capital Management System Through Gamification

  • Christian Hamdani, Laura Kurniawan, Berty Marcelina, Irwan Wijaya Emil R. Kaburuan, Gunawan Wang, Sfenrianto


Nowadays, it was acknowledged how Human Capital Management is considered as one of the pivot strategies in the corporate. In current situation, employee data held by the Human Capital Management team consists of a list of employee data that contains numerous data that stored in a lengthy text file format that might pose a trouble the HCM team in sorting the employee's data, especially for larger companies. A known fact regarding human brain processing visual 60,000 faster than text, made an idea to modify the text file into graphical. The implication to apply gamification to a company is that games was considered as one aspect that could hold people's attention and improve workplace motivation. By applying gamification system to Human Capital Management as a solution in eliminating the difficulties experienced by HCM staff caused by the lengthy text file, gamification was also estimated to increase employee's motivation and working performance by using gamification elements. The idea is to symbolize each employee as an avatar with varies characteristics depending on each employee that has skill sets and level. The skill set was built based on employee’s ability, for example, 5 years of past working experience in programming division or able to use design software(s) and levelling system was used to distinguish benefits, salaries, and promotions. These functions leverage career & talent management section in terms of facilitating appropriate working placement and building employee’s career path. Hence, this paper argues that gamification could help employees’ work and increase their motivation at the same time. While we believe the implementation of HCMS gamification that using the power of digital games in the workplace might be one way to decode workers' motivation, effectiveness, and performance, our design in this paper found a more cautious note. We suggest that while working gamification can provide tangible benefits for work motivation and effectiveness, prospective adopters need to recognize these factors that meets the efficacy and implementation requirements.

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Christian Hamdani, Laura Kurniawan, Berty Marcelina, Irwan Wijaya Emil R. Kaburuan, Gunawan Wang, Sfenrianto. (2020). Transforming Human Capital Management System Through Gamification. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 8244-8250. Retrieved from