Study on Socio-Economic and Environmental Planning Analysis

  • Prof. Shivaprasad H, Prof. Rashmi Khambenour


Watershed management is a bottom up approach and check dams are the basic functional units which provide justice to the objective of the watershed management. Encountering water problems with collecting and making use of very last drop of runoff not only achieves ground water enrichment but also contributes a reasonable amount of water to the watershed. the study of overcoming water scarcity by integrated watershed management methods. Interdependence of monsoon and ground water resources plays a very crucial role in the management of watershed. Thus, the conjunctive management will provide maximum utilization of surface water as well as ground water, which is the aim of the watershed management. In the backdrop of growing population with consequent increasing demand for food, it is strongly felt for bringing large tracts of rainfed dry land under Watershed system to increase the productivity of land. In this process, modern technology is used for conservation of soil and water.

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