Performance Analysis of Two IoT-Based Wireless Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

  • S.Varadhaganapathy, S. Anandraj kumar, A.Meganathan, R.Karthikayen


The climatic change will increase the environmental monitoring in a research place or area and it may change the climate in periodically. To find the environmental climate in those area by using the remote sensing techniques and find the climate, gather and store the climatic data. Now a days, we have many new technology to find all the data and transmit the data to the destination and the climatic data are observed to the environmental parameters and we store it in cloud or database for the reference of climate environmental condition. Now, we use two different type of IoT based system for environmental system monitoring to find climatic data, one is based on Wi-Fi environmental sensor system and another one is based on Bluetooth environmental sensor for environmental monitoring. In sense, by developing these two techniques we can record or find the climatic data in research area or place is very easy and accurate to find the climatic data with the internet connection. This system provide a different techniques when compare to before developed system and gives similar climatic data in all manner for the environment. These two system have their monitoring application, high energy, easy to handle, cheap, gives accurate solution, network connection easy, revealed, and have good work or candidates for IoT based system for the environmental system.

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S.Varadhaganapathy, S. Anandraj kumar, A.Meganathan, R.Karthikayen. (2020). Performance Analysis of Two IoT-Based Wireless Sensors for Environmental Monitoring. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 7720-7728. Retrieved from