Control Model of Transmission of Japanese Encephalitis through Media Awareness

  • Bapan Kalita, Anuradha Devi


Here, a non-linear mathematical model of Japanese Encephalitis is proposed and analysed to emphasize the role of media awareness to control the spread of the disease. Japanese Encephalitis transmits from pigs, water-birds etc, through a vector. Culex mosquitoes carry flavivirus from the germ reservoir to the susceptible human being and they become infected. The spread of disease is due the contact between susceptible human population with infective mosquitoes.  Due to the impact of media awareness, susceptible population will have a group of aware population who will prevent themselves from contact with infective mosquitoes. The growth of aware population is proportional to the growth of awareness program.  Here, the impact of media awareness program is investigated and incorporating with the spread of Japanese Encephalitis.  The mathematical model is analysed in both deterministic and stochastic environment.  It is observed that, the growth of awareness program has a big impact in controlling the spread of the disease which can be confirmed by both analytical and numerical methods.

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