A Survey on Machine Learning Prediction Algorithms Based on IoMT

  • Prabhjeet Kaur, Nitin Sharma, Sukhpreet Singh


With the rise of the Internet of Things period, data resources can be acquired in real time via various IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) intelligent sensing technology and it is very helpful in predicting and analyzing medical data. The prediction analysis techniques are based on the clustering and classification.Machine learning algorithms are the most popular algorithms that are currently used for various applications such as commuting prediction, video surveillance, face recognition, email spam and malware filtering, product recommendations, online fraud detection, etc. The data set is collected from the different internet sources which are fused to form structured dataset. Dataset features will be extracted to determine the relationship between the attribute and the target set. In the next phase by using Ensemble methods different prediction models are implemented for the prediction purpose and in the last phase the voting classification method needs to be designed for the respiratory disease prediction which give high accuracy.

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