Design and Simulation of Dual Frequency Band Pass Filter For Wireless Communication

  • Mr. Sunil Gagare, Dr. Dolly Thankachan


The requirements of today’s microwave communication system are compact size. Most of the conventional band-pass filters are designed separately for separate frequencies hence they are suffered from harmonic and spurious frequencies for transmitters and interference for a receiver.Reconfigurable microwave filter is a new technology used for microwave communication for switching between number of bands used for function using only one filter structure. It is mostly required in today’s communications system for different wireless applications14]. The need for switching between different frequencies to a single frequency, a tunable filter is used by placing tuning elements into a filter structure.For multiple-band communications systems, dual bandpass frequency operation filter can be designed on single substrate to operate on two switching frequency  which works as a function of two individual filters, but in the size of a single filter. So it becomes used in different wireless communication system where multiband operation is required. Its advantage is that it can reduces the noise and interference of other signal also size of the filter device is reduces.

This paper aims to present the design technique and simulation analysis of dual frequencies at 2.4GHz for WLAN and 3.3GHz for WiMAX as a part of the reconfigurable bandpass filter. The filter structure is U shaped and its resonator length is selected on the basis of half wavelength. Initially bandpass filter is designed for single band then dual band hairpin type filter is designed. The design and simulations is performed using HFSS simulation software.

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