Controlling Internet of Things based Home Appliances through Fog Computing

  • Dr. Keshetti Sreekala, Dr. M.Sreevani


The process of practicing Information and communications technology for enhancing connectivity, automation and communication of different components of the power grid is known as smart grid. In this paper we are going to present a three tier Internet of Things based plan for controlling home appliances. It also discusses the present scenario of Internet of Things because of scarcity of intelligent solutions. Our intent of the proposed plan is to stretch the smart home to the extent of micro grid so that we can combine all renewable scattered energy sources of the micro grid and to accomplish improved or optimized energy resources. We do this by defining fog computing based approach for controlling various Internet of Things based home appliances. The real smart meter dataset is used for simulation and the results demonstrate that fog computing based plan can reduce the network traffic and also number of transmissions.

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