LTE and Wi-Fi Coexistence Using New Semantic Co-ordination Protocol

  • Bhausaheb E. Shinde, V. Vijayabaskar


The challenges introduced in other band LTE and Wi-Fi coexistence in Multi-radio access technology networks as well as newly proposed semantic and coordination protocol in this paper which is used for improvement in performance of communication in between internetwork devices. In the upcoming coexistence technology an effective and quality communication in the LTE network is very critical task which can be achieved for the different devices from different network. In inter network a reliable and proper coordination of spectrum among LTE and Wi-Fi systems using new ontology and framework is the best solution for getting the improvement in LTE as well as Wi-Fi coexistence. We have developed and also evaluated our new approach in real world and settings. The newly proposed coordination protocol had given the proper and truly significant gains to LTE and Wi-Fi network.

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