Smart Irrigation System using Drone

  • Dr.M.Senthamil Selvi, C.Ranjeeth Kumar, S.Jansirani


      In recent years, Deep Learning is a promising area and produce better results. Deep Learning used in a wide range of applications such as agriculture, health care, manufacturing etc.. and also in areas includes computer vision, speech recognition and NLP (Natural Language Processing). It aims that, Deep architecture models used to learns hierarchical representation of data. In this paper, deep learning algorithms used to detect and classify the wet or dry lands using drone for proper irrigation with minimal usages of water in terms of image classification.

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Dr.M.Senthamil Selvi, C.Ranjeeth Kumar, S.Jansirani. (2020). Smart Irrigation System using Drone. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 7055-7062. Retrieved from