COVID-19: Twitter Sentiment Analysis Based on Geospatial Tweets

  • Sangeeta Rani, Nasib Singh Gill


The whole world is in the threat of corona virus, COVID-19. The new corona virus has infected more than 35, 00,000 people across the world. The first reported case of this virus was from China. In India also more than 60000 cases are reported as positive. The present paper throws a light on the people fear and sentiment due to corona virus in highly affected countries in the world and in some reasons of India by using the tweets collected from these geographical regions. For the research real time tweets related to keyword “Corona Virus” are collected from ten countries across the world named China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Germany, France, US, Japan, Switzerland and India by using their longitude and latitude value. Tweets are also collected for six different cities in India, within 200 miles of mentioned longitude and latitude value. R Studio is used for identifying the sentiment of people for collected tweets using dictionary based classifier. The results show that more than 70 percent people are in a state of fear due to corona virus. 79 percent people in Beijing, China and 81 percent people in Wuhan, China are tweeting negatively. In Iran and US also nearly 80 percent of tweets are negative. In India highest negative tweets are from Delhi and Greater Noida.

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