Dropout at Undergraduate Level in the B.N. College of Dhubri, Assam

  • Dr. Jahangir Hussain Alom


Dropout, the most ubiquitous of formal education system has proved to be a sensitive issue at present times. Higher dropout rates in fact have serious effects on human resource development as well as economic growth of nation because the development of the country largely depends on learned parsons. The present study was conducted to know the dropout rates and its causes at undergraduate level at B.N. College of Dhubri, Assam. The study revealed that overall 46.45% students are dropout during 2012-2015 (batch- 2012) in Arts, Science and Commerce. It is also found that 40.06% Arts students, 54.26% students of Science and 88.89% students of Commerce are found to be dropout during 2012-15. The main causes of dropout have been found as- poor socio-economic condition, lack of parental support, early marriage culture, broken family, flood affected issue, unhealthy study environment at home etc. In order to control the dropout rate, it has been suggested that the concerned authority should have to look into the dropout problem and necessary facilities should be easily reached.

Keywords: Dropout, Undergraduate level, Higher Education, Socio-economic status, Broken Family.

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