Planning Of Sustainable City Model In Pematangsiantar

  • Sarintan Efratani Damanik, Anggiat Sinurat


The increasing process of modernination in Pematangsiantar forms the characteristic of the city as a modern urban, so that the development of infrastructure in the form and supporting facilities is reproduced  Increasing the needs of urban land can be seen from the physical development and raises the phenomenon of regional expansion to the non-awakened area, with the condition, it is necessary to design with the aim to make Pematangsiantar City a sustainable town. The most desirable home model by the community is the modest home model of 71.7%, middle class house 27.2%, and luxury home enthusiasts only1.1%. Reason to choose a simple House concept simple house decorating the house easier, the shape is simple, minimalisas accessories, a closer family sense, made investment, buy by using the public housing credit facilities. The Model of sustainable residential and residential development in Pematangsiantar City is vertical housing. This is based on the problem of land availability that has been still dominated by the development of site occupancy that causes residential areas to cause environmental degradation. With the vertical housing development in Pematangsiantar City will help reduce the rate of reduction of green open space land, the unit of land that used relatively smaller than the site occupancy so that the backlog can be suppressed.

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