Home Automation Based On IoT

  • Ms. Saranjeet Kaur, Ms. Amandeep Kaur , Ms. Mansirat Kaur3


In these days innovation has developed at tall speed. In 21st century, consolation getting
to be an essential need. This paper come up with the plan of IoT based home
automation systemutilizingWi-Fi. This term paper presents the execution and the plan of
Arduino based IOT basedframework. This framework based on Wi-Fi and employments WiFi (remote innovation). Thesystemhas three components: An Arduino,shrewd phone for
controlling web page server and a Wi-Fi module for flag exchange. This apparatuses are
associated to board utilizing transfers and this planis based on stand-alone Arduino WiFi/Wireless technology board, these ma chines are associated to boardutilizingtransfers,
theshrewdphoneconnectedwith the Arduinoby means of Wireless Technology. The objective of
this term paper is ruling the home appliances when the client is absent from the place.

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