Database Security: Challenges, Threats and Safety Facets

  • Shrija Shweeta,Sandeep Kaur


The important goal of this paper is to explain the safety of the database in detail. In contemporary
world, the most vital factor for all organisations is information which allows individual’s in
extracting data and practice it to make numerous decisions. Data are usually used to store in the
database in order that it becomes clean to recover and preserve it. Database Management System is
used for all of the procedures of information manipulation and statistics preservation. For data in an
organization, it is necessary to provide security to data present in the database. For security
purposes, different security models are needed to be developed. For the proper planning of directive
and explicit based database security requirement, securing the database is the most important
approach. For companies, database security becomes a very critical issue. As the complexity is
increasing rapidly, more complex security of the database is needed

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