Network Security: Issues and Challenges

  • Mr. Ramanjeet Singh, Dr. Amit Jain,Dr. Kamaljit Singh Saini


Security in one of the most concern area in the world, whether that area is any department’s
confidentiality security or any other types of security. Now days each and every work of the any
organization is done through the internet, so this indicates that there is also a security concern
regarding to the internet world. Maximum of transaction and data processing is performed on the
network, so securing the network is a major component. Network security is all about to secure the
network from the all types of attack and threats which can be performed on any network and can
braches the security or policy of network. Now a days demands of the work over the network has been
increased to securing the network at the world level is major concern .As per the technology is
improving, different areas like military and bank they are using wireless network for different
transactions. In this note author has described all the major issues and challenges which is faced by
the common user while using the network. All the users who use W-Fi for performing any transaction,
should concern for the secured Wi-Fi .This paper will discuss about the threats and attacks which are
used to break the security of the network. This paper will also define some algorithm or techniques of
the network security. This paper will also provide some policies and measures of network security.

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