Issues and Threats in Database Security

  • Dr. Amit Jain, Dr. Anand Kumar Shukla


Over a time, security of data has been a major concern to be looked after.Databases protect the data
through different access control policies, thereby, providing protection from every kind of malwares
and attackers. Security has become a growing concern with ever increasing number of organizations
along with increasing number of hackers and attackers. These individuals are putting the eagle eye
every time for attacking and stealing the sensitive data of users.In this paper, discussion has been
done regarding the several aspects involved in database security in relation to the principles, issues,
threats and related techniques.With advancement in the technology, more and more organizations are
totally dependent on internet for retrieval and maintenance of the data. So there is a need to put in
some efforts in relation to the security aspects of databases. The effort has been made to highlight the
key issues and threats that are required to be managed over a period of time, to ensure database

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