Localizing Mobile Nodes in WSNs using Modified Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm

  • Prabhjot Singh , Nitin Mittal


Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has become a major attraction of research in past
few years. WSNs consists of sensors placed in huge amounts across a largeregion of globe to perform
various tasks such as data sensing and communicating with other devices. The actual coordinate
determination of unknown nodes deployed in Wireless Sensors Networks (WSNs) is an important
requirement as data collected by the sensors is useless if their exact location of occurring event is
unknown. The location determination of sensor nodes is therefore necessary for most applications in
WSNs. Naked Mole Rat based metaheuristic algorithm is used in this paper to optimize locations of
randomly movable target nodes. At the center of sensing field, a single anchor with its known position
is positioned in the sensing region. The simulation results of collected data in mobile sensor network
indicates the efficiency of modified MGWO algorithm by comparing their performance as number of
localized nodes, location of target nodes position and scalability.

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